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  • Boy has he grown!
    Boy has he grown!

    … and this often comes as a surprise to parents, when buying the right clothes for their children! One thinks that the little baby was just born and the next moment the brand-new newborn-outfit, highly expensive on top of it, does not fit any more! For every parent, it hurts to pack or give away clothes that have not been worn a single time. But this happens quite often! And talking about it: Some of the relatives or friends mean really well with their gifts, but do not consider that there is a right size and seasons. That maybe the newborn winter jacket is not ideal for a baby born in June. Now there is an end to all this, thanks to ‘Babyloan’!

  • Travelling is fun?!
    Travelling is fun?!

    ... not any more once you have children! Because now you do not only have to carry your baby (or child), but also everything else (suitcases, bags, push-chair, etc.). And the things you will take with you once you have children will double or triple in comparison to before! This makes it even more difficult, especially when travelling alone as a parent with the little one. Thereby there is almost no difference, whether the trip is by train or car for only a couple of days or real travel by airplane. Out and about with a baby or child is always a challenge! The feeling of being a mule is likely to come up and sometimes one has barely left home and already regrets it! Who should carry all this? Do we really need all this? What do we need to take? And how dare we forget anything…!!

  • Boy or girl?...
    Boy or girl?...

    ...does not matter! Parents become very “tolerant” and creative when it comes to re-using clothes they have left from brothers or sisters. All of a sudden, the colour does not matter so much any more and violet or pink should also suit little boys. Or it can also happen that cute bows and quillings can be found on Billy’s pullover… Bottom line is not to spend any more money on those children’s clothes that so quickly don’t fit any more! "Make most out of it" is the device. Not very fair to the poor boys, that want to look cool nevertheless, or for the little princesses, who would really like to wear a dress every now and then instead of trousers! If only they could advise their parents: They would suggest to them ‘Babyloan‘! The true way of making most out of it!

  • What a bargain!
    What a bargain!

    … for the others only! What mom has not already “sold” used baby or children’s clothes for nothing at all? Because of course, it is second-hand and one feels bad to charge even 3 Euros for it to friends that are pregnant or to people who sense the opportunity that there will be a real bargain, as they know that one in a way also wants to get rid of the stuff. Because it happens quickly to all parents that half the basement is full of cartons with baby or children’s clothes and they sell them one day for a couple of Euros to people they know! What a bargain for the others! Now though, they can make this bargain on ‘Babyloan’ and you can charge whatever you please! Everyone is happy…

From and for parents!

Kids need love. And much more than that… about a thousand things! Each week and month again, something else.

Baby basics, car seat, baby changing table, age-based toys, high chair, balance bike, push chair and all over again kids‘ shoes and children clothes in the next size ... All this can cause for us parents not only financial but also logistical challenges. Because those who do not want to sell those pretty, but mostly only shortly needed, used children's articles straight away, need not only money, but also a lot of space at home to store it all. Or they need “Babyloan”! Finally there is a solution for both these problems, with this innovative internet platform!

All you need for your baby, child or of course during pregnancy and breastfeeding

"Babyloan" gives the opportunity to rent all kinds of articles like children clothes, baby basics, furniture for the kid’s room and other items, that may not be of need at the very moment, but might still be needed later on, in the meantime. Storage problem solved and money earned at the same time! And the cool thing with rental is: renting the same thing more than once is possible and means, one can make money on it several times! Without the item actually leaving your ownership. So if you do get pregnant again, it will be there for the newcomer!

Get what you need, WHEN you need it and WHERE you need it!

Besides this, how much easier would a trip with children or baby be. if you did not have to pack yourself as for an expedition?! If on the plane or train you would not on top of it need to carry the car seat, push chair etc. around? Here as well,  "Babyloan" can and will make parents‘ life so much easier: Simply go to „Product search“ on the site and the regional finder will show you exactly what items you can find right there where you are or at the destination you are going to. Simply rent what you need where you need it and for precisely the time of your stay.

Expensive purchases for one-time-occasions for your baby or child? That is the end of it, thanks to “Babyloan": A beautiful party dress or a baptism outfit can be rented via the platform. Afterwards you give it back again!

Purchase, swapping or rental: Babyloan is variety

Has the day come that you really need to get rid of your push chair, baby clothes, high chair or children wear – then as well “Babyloan” is the right place for doing so! Besides rental, parents can also swap and / or sell and buy via the online platform. Finding what you need, when you need it where you need it! "Babyloan" is a give and take, which makes it easier for families in their daily life.

And we all know: Happy kids – Happy parents! 

Babyloan: a true „Sharing Society“ product

  • Whether for newborns, baby or children
  • Whether for future moms or already parents
  • Whether second-hand or new
  • Whether handcrafted or industrial brands
  • Whether for children's clothes, toys, furniture, shoes etc.
  • Whether for swapping, rental or purchase and sale

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